Our Story

Hello there, for those I have not had the pleasure of meeting. Kylie Boullion here!! This is the story of how I, wife, mom, gammy, & hair stylist with a candle hobby was blessed with an unexpected journey.

Originally the plan was to start a tree farm on our family property, have a small building to sell homemade local goods, which of course included our hand poured candle & wax melts.  We wanted a place for our family and friends to come and pick their own Christmas trees, have hayrides and serve hot chocolate, just a sweet spot to make wholesome memories.  This, my friend is where the name, Cedar Farms Mill originated!!!  After extensive research and much contemplating, the timing wasn't right for this venture. Take note that I am not letting go of this idea!  However, this is where wax became the focus, JUST PRAYING & POURING. Since then, my candle hobby has grown into more than I ever dreamt. God certainly had bigger plans!! Through lots of trials, failed attempts, wax spills, ugly words and even uglier cries, Came tons of vendor events, deliveries, booth rentals & wholesaling. Our products were out there, in homes and we were getting such an amazing response. Which takes us to November 25, 2022, opening day of our very unplanned store front, you heard it right, UNPLANNED!! Although I had always wanted a store, wasn't sure if it was for me, nor did I have the nerve to take that step. Let me tell you how fast this happened, we saw a space November 9th, prayed for guidance, signed lease, ordered merchandise and 2 weeks later our doors were open.  THAT FAST!  By the grace of God, it has been an amazing journey. We have a store front and carry home accents & a variety of gifts, along with our hand poured candles & wax melts and we are always fully stocked with all things Topanga Scents.

I am forever grateful for the amazing loyalty & support of my family, friends and customers that have helped me get to this place in my life. Our goal at Cedar Farms Mill is to service the community and surrounding areas, with high quality products while always, supporting & lifting our local vendors.

Now that you know all about us come by and tell us about yourself, we would love to meet you!